Get Custom, Handmade Glass For Your Collection

Get Custom, Handmade Glass For Your Collection

Enjoy smoking even more with beautiful glass accessories

Do you love using glassware to smoke? Why not take the opportunity to show off your style and personality with custom glass products from QC Glass & More LLC? We have a wide selection of glass bongs, bubblers and pipes to choose from.

Our glass accessories come in many different styles, designs and colors so you can get something that speaks to you. Choose from top brands like:

  • Nector Collector
  • On Point Glass
  • Bougie Glass
  • Tattoo Glass
  • Clover Glass
  • Aqua Works
  • Venom
  • Indigo

We can also help with specific requests. Call us at 563-200-9167 for more details.

Buy from local glassblowers

When you shop with QC Glass & More, you'll get high-quality glass from the best companies. We provide custom glass pipes and bongs that are hand-crafted from local glass blowing artisans. You'll have a product that's as beautiful as it is functional.

Visit our store in Davenport, Iowa to find a new pipe or bong.